The Simplicity of Stillness is an evolutionary technology to release stress, rewire your brain & access your highest potential.

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Reveal The Power of Peace in You

Synthesizing the New Science with the healing arts and a decade of case studies, Marlise teaches you a stunningly simple methodology that ignites an Energy stream of peace into your life. In The Power Of Peace In You, you will learn how to access clarity, equanimity, wisdom, and calm, even in the midst of daily stress and anxiety.

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Our Future Has Not Been Written: Where Do We Go From Here?
This article was adapted with permission from the book: The Power of Peace in You: A Revolutionary Tool for Hope, Healing, & Happiness in the 21st Century  Man didn’t believe he could fly – until the day he did. The four-minute mile was said to be impossible – until it wasn’t. Many thou[...]
Transmiting Conscious Love this Holiday Season
Happy, happy, happy holidays. How can you transmit conscious love during this beautiful time of the year when everything can be loving and yet it can be pretty challenging – family, finances, too much to do. How do you stay connected? And how do you continue to share that love inside? Well, I ha[...]
Consistent Connection to a unifying field of Energy
We’re going to be focusing on consistent connection, and what would it be like connecting to a unifying field of energy consistently, and how would that inspire your life. So I just wanted to address that for a moment. I recently had a facilitators’ retreat. And what I love – teachin[...]

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